Kids of Courage - TV SERIES

This is one of the film projects executed with the contribution of artists and companies represented by MOMAKIN agency.

„Kids of Courage” is a historical drama series aimed at a children-and-family audience aged 8 years and older. For the first time, the story of how children from across Europe experienced World War Two is being told from the perspective of the youngsters. The stories are based on children’s diaries and biographies from the period between 1938 and 1945.

– Docudrama 8 x 25′
Delivery: autumn 2018
Written by: Matthias Zirzow, Maarten van der Duin, Ramona Bergmann
Directed by: Matthias Zirzow
Produced by: LOOKSfilm
Co-produced by: SWR, TOTO Studio, EC1 Lodz – City of Culture, CeTA
Worldwide distribution: LOOKS International GmbH
Distribution in Poland: MOMAKIN


„Kids of Courage” combines three visual elements: drama, archives and models. All figurines, models and mock-ups were created in Poland, as well as the effect shots – sequences using miniature models and figurines.


– TOTO Studio & EC1 Lodz – City of Culture & CeTA – co-producers
– Studio Scenografii i Form Unikatowych – models, props, backgrounds
– Pracownia.11 – large scale figurines (main characters)|
– Playade Sound – Polish language version
– Momakin – executive producer and distributor in Poland



– Agata Gorządek – Production Designer (responsible mainly for the visual consistency of model sequences)
– Marcin Jasiński – Art Department Leadman
– Jan Paweł Trzaska – DoP (special effects photography on models)


Kids of Courage TV series combines live-action sequences and archival footage with scenes created with miniature models.

In this series, a huge model of a three-dimensional map of Europe helps to present geopolitical situation at any given moment of the story. With tin soldiers, miniature tanks and warships it also allows to visualize movement of armies and changes of borders and fronts. Other models recreate places which no longer exist, such us pre-wartime cities and towns. They show a vast scale of the ghetto area or a concentration camp, helping young viewers to grasp the amount of people imprisoned and killed during World War II. The models also help to introduce military actions into the drama, such as bombings or tank attacks.

The series demanded a diverse variety of miniature models representing different parts of Europe. The Polish crew at Momakin had to create Norwegian fjords, the ghetto in Czestochowa, Kazakh Steppe, and other landscapes, in addition to a dozen or so figurines in 1:16 scale, almost 40 figurines in 1:35 scale, and several dozens of tin soldiers in 1:72 scale. The figurines serve as miniatures of the characters from live-action shots: protagonists of each episode, as well as soldiers, prisoners, and refugees. In Audiovisual Technology Center in Wroclaw they were used by a Polish crew for the realization of the effect shots.